Windows 11 23H2 breaks Narrator during a clean-install, 2024

Windows 11 23H2 breaks Narrator during a clean-install You are hot to get Windows 11’s accessibility tools around your computer’s Windows 11 update system. Your computer is capable of eleven adaptive age numbers on the screen telling the user what happened.

What happened to the Narrator tool in Computer Windows 11 23H2

This is a Device, Windows 11, organization version 23H2. computer Windows 11 twenty-three update that Microsoft can download to your computer when using Click Call Media or Image ISO to install.

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Microsoft has identified a known issue with Windows 11

Windows 11 version 2382, which they have listed as a known issue. over on their health dashboard. page and Microsoft says uh when using physical Media or disk images so those are um ISO files to install Windows 11 version 23 H2.

Your device Microsoft, narrator may not start and as many. of you may well know, narrator if we just head over to our “settings page”, is an accessibility. feature that is a screen reader that describes what’s on your screen so very useful as an accessibility. feature and um narrator are commonly initialized using keyboard commands.

such as control and Windows key

And “enter” and Microsoft, says though um although the narrator is present in Windows when the installation process begins using physical Media or disk images. it might open in an unresponsive State when initialized using any method. so that’s the issue now something. to take note of is that Microsoft says that uh this issue does not occur when Windows 11 version 2382 is installed.

Using “Windows update”, on a device that is already running Windows 10 or Windows 11, so just take note of that and if we just head over to the download Windows, page they mention, that this issue only occurs, when physical Media or isos are used for this installation and narrator is only affected, while the installation process is taking place so as an example.

Windows update

if you are using, the media creation tool, and as mentioned. um installing Windows with a Windows 11 23H2. dis image ISO file then you could be experiencing. this problem with narrator Microsoft, says it should “continue”, to work as expected. once the installation is complete it’s only “affecting the narrator”.

while the “installation process”, is taking place now “once again Microsoft”, does say that they are working. on a resolution and updated. media which, can be used to install Windows 11 version 23H2. without this issue and they will provide, an update in an upcoming release so obviously I’ll keep an eye on this one if and if this does get resolved I’ll.

post and let you know as mentioned, um it’s only “affecting Windows 11 version 23H2”. so um that issue, when using physical Media or dis images to install Windows 11 version 23H2. on a device Microsoft narrator, may not start so thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.


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