Windows 11 Notepad gets a built-in character counter, 2024

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you are all well, in this blog I will show how Windows 11 Notepad gets a built-in character counter. You will get an excellent teacher. The article is fast to last. You will understand.

You Will Know Has Been Around In The Os Forever And Although “Microsoft”, Has Recently, With A Couple Of The Feature Updates. That Have Rolled Out They’ve Introduced A Couple Of Handy Improvements Like Tabs And A “Settings Menu”. As Um An Example, “Fonts”, Uh Different Themes. Um, There Are Still “Two Basic Functions”.


That Still Are Not Available In Notepad Windows 11

In The Stable Version Of “Windows 11”, And The First If We Top Into “Notepad” There Is No Character Count. So Here We Can See On The “Status Bar” That There’s No “Character Count”, When We Are Using Notepad.

So You Cannot Keep Up And Keep Track Of Your Documents, Length As A As An Example, And The Next One Is If We Head Over To “File Explorer”. We “Right Click” On A File There Is No Right Click “Context Menu” Entry To “Edit with Clipchamp” Menu.


We Get A Whole Lot Of Other Options

But There’s No “Edit”, With “Notepad”, Now Now Those Are “Two Basic”. Functionalities Which I Think Have Been A Long Time Coming. And Just To Let You Know That With A Recent Update. In The Canary, And Def Channels In The Insider Program Microsoft.

Now Is Finally, Rolling Out An Update, For Notepad. Which Is Windows, Version 11. 2311 29.0 Two Windows 11. Insiders With These “Two Features”. Finally Been Tested And Added. So The First One Is Edit With Notepad.

So If We Head Over To A Screenshot Windows

Provided, Here We Can See Um In This Image If You “Right Click”. On A File In The Context. Menu Um You Can Now Access Notepad. For File Modifications, Microsoft, Says Directly From File Explorer.


So You Just “Right Click”, On Any File Or “Multiple Files”, In “File Explorer”, To Find The Edit With Notepad. As We Can See Option In The “Context Menu” Is A Quick Way To Open As I’ve Said And Edit Files In Notepad.

So That’s The First Of Two Which

I Think Has Been A Long Time. Coming And He’s Finally. Rolling Out And Then The Next, One As Mentioned. A Character Count And Here We Can See A Screenshot Provided.

With Microsoft, you can Keep Track Of Your Documents and length With A New Character Count displayed in The Status Bar And When. The Text Is Selected The Status Bar Shows. The “Character Count”, For Both The Selected. Text And The Entire Document And If No Text Is Selected.


The “Character Count”, For The Entire Document Is Displayed. Um Ensuring You Always. Have A Clear View Microsoft Says Of Your Documents Length. So I Think Um These Are Both Moves.

In The Right Direction

I Think Notepad, Has Come A Long Way Although Notepad. Really At The End Of The Day Is More Or Less What It was 30 40 Years Ago. There Have Been Some Improvements. And I Think These Two Improvements.

Now That “Character Count”, And That Edit With Notepad. In The “Context Menu”. Are Two Moves In The Right Direction And There’s A Very Good Chance. That Both Of These. Will Roll Out In Coming Updates To Notepad, in Future Versions And Future Releases.


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