Internet Explorer 11 For Windows 11, 2024

Hello Friends How Are You All Hope Everyone Is Well In Today’s Article, You Can See How To Install Internet Explorer 11 For Windows 11. On Your Computer, You All Know Your Computer Has A Default Browser But In Today’s Article, You Can See How To Install Internet Explorer On Your Computer.

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I know that when you open your computer, by default, Microsoft with the browser is opened on your computer, so if you READ this article fully, but Microsoft HD is open on your computer, then in this article, you can install Internet Explorer 11 For Windows 11. browser on your computer very easily. can do

When you open your computer, the Microsoft browser opens on your computer, but many problems appear on your computer, if you type an article, you will get a solution to this problem, plus you can use Internet Explorer 11 For Windows 11.

How to Get INTERNET EXPLORER back in Windows 11/10 After Oct. 2023 update

back with a proper running condition and if you find this video helpful then do not forget to like like And subscribe the very first thing that you will have to do is to click on your Windows search and type in cpl.

CPL then from the suggestion you have to click on this icon the internet properties will be up now here from the top menu, option you have to click on the program then click on manage adds on now here from the left and menu option. you will find the toolbar and extension you will have to click on them on the right-hand side.

You have to look

for a file that says I to H BHO what exactly, happens that even if you install Internet Explorer it will come up with Microsoft Edge? That is another common problem that people are facing so if you want that it should not come, with Microsoft Edge and it should come up with Internet Explorer.

only then you can see the status has been enabled you will have to disable it but the disable option has been disabled. here it’s not been highlighted, so you cannot enable or disable it from here what you will have to do you need to close it. then click on your Windows search Type “R edit” and from the suggestion you have to click on “registry”

has been enabled

the editor then click on yes, now here in the registry editor, from the left-hand menu option you have to click on hqy local machine and double click on it then you will find it. software click on it then you have to look for Microsoft double click on it in Microsoft you have to look for Windows 11.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0

I will be explaining how to get and install Internet Explorer back on your Windows 10, and Windows 11. now many people have Internet Explorer but they are not able to open it after the October 2023 update if you have any similar problem then make sure you watch the Article till the end and you will be able to get Internet Explorer.

so keep it scrolling down and you

will find the Windows 11, here double click on it now in Windows. you have to look for the current version double. click on it and in the current version you have to look for policies so again scroll “down” and you will find policies double click on it in the policies you will find EXT.

that is for extension double click on it then you’ll find a click, on it, and then on the right-hand side. you will find this kind of Entry just double-click on it again and the value data will be one you have to change it and make it to zero, once done click on okay, and now you can close it so now this time if I search for inet CPL. do CPL and hit the enter key then if I go to program manage ads on and now, here you can see the I2 Edge, BHO has been. automatically disabled.

okay so now if we install it, Internet Explorer will be coming. up with Internet Explorer only instead of Microsoft Edge, okay so now you can close it now let’s see how you can get your Internet Explorer. and the first method is very easy you can click on the file explorer then. you have to click, on this PC local dis C then. you have to look for program file x86 click on it and here you’ll find Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer double

Click on it and here you will find an application, by the name I explore so you will have to look. for the same one once you get it right click on it and click on a show, more options in case you’re using Windows 11. then who up to send to and then click on desktop create a shortcut and you will now see that the Explorer icon has been created.


Internet Explorer only and all the navigation menus are of Internet Explorer so that’s all guys for today hopefully you will find this Article, and if yes do not forget to like And subscribe and I see you in the next article bye-bye

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